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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Circus in Nocera Superiore

Nocera Superiore with it's "4 cat's" of population (as the Italians say) could maybe be the last place where you expect to see circus. But they happen relatively often here. First they stopped near Nocera Inferiore that had enough place for a circus tent. This year Nocera Superiore has a special place for own shows. And it was a real show, I have to tell you.

Circus had placed it's animals so that the visitors could see them, and there were crowds all days long around it. We did not go inside and could only see giraffe, camels and tigers but there were other animals too and children could even touch some of them.

The most interesting was this little giraffe that did not want to go out from it's "home". The most surprising were tigers. They remained in the car when we were there. Persons could stay near them from other side (of my photo) and -imagine!- the tigers behaviour was like that of the cats. They wanted to interact with the persons and were very playful. Yes, it's clear, they live all their life with humans, but I was surprised to see "cats" for me the same.

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