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Monday, 13 December 2010

Pigeons in an Elder Tree

Yesterday I was in Salerno because we had a meeting of our Archeological group. The parkings in the center of Salerno are too expencive, so I left the car in the port where I know there is one free parking. It's relatively far, I need about 20 minutes to reach it, so it's often not complete.

The weather was good when I turned back and there was not wind too. I enjoyed the sun -we see it rarely in this period, you know, I tell about it frequently. There were not many cars in the street and more less persons at that time. Suddenly, I heard strange flapping.

I looked in that direction and understood that  was flapping of the wings. And ... there were many pigeons that flew to this tree, leaned on it and made that noice with their wings trying to stay in it.

It was a little elder tree full of fruits. I passed many times near it and did not see it at all. Thanks to the pigeons I know now how it's interesting. I did not see elder trees before. We have only bushes of it here. The other interesting thing is how thriving are the plants near Salerno -they have not much soil and water

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