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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Tigers on the Streets of Moscow

Well, it's maybe not very usual: the worldwide known legend tells that there are bears walking on the streets of Russia. In all my life I did not see one in our cities. But ...there were tigers there. They came in the capital!

Yes, it was a WWF invention and you can see what they did in this video. At the beginning, the appeal growl for the tiger (to protect them, clear) and than the tigers on the streets.

I think, you will enjoy watching this other video, too. By the way, look at the relations between the man and both animals. He is very brave to treat them equally. The problem of many of us -even with the children in the family: we show more love and attention in confront of the little or the nice. It creates grave emotion: jealousy with all the negative consequences. Here we see that the mail (lion) is more nice, more sure. The female is more timid. But the man trys to feel her equal in the group. Very educational video in this sense.

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