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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A Sad Story about Trustful Piglet

This sad story I noticed when I visited the Museum in Paestum, a very important excavation site not too far from Salerno. When I walked in the Roman part of it, Museum, I was fascinated by this statue: a woman that had this little piglet snuggled up trustfully to the ankle of the woman. I was on the point of shed a few tears about the great love and understanding that ancient persons demonstrated in confront to animals, and the passion for pigs-pets in Ancient Rome as today, that is immortalized in many statues and paintings, when I finally read the table under the feet of the woman.

Ahhh... Nothing romantic, my friends. The woman was a priestess of... well, I can't remember... Maybe Isis? And the poor trustful pig was the usual sacrificial offering to the Deity.

Well, it's surely not the same sort of love our animals enjoy today...

Пестум. Италия. Музей

Пестум. Италия. Музей

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