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Monday, 31 January 2011

Pigeons and Sea-gulls' Breakfast

The life of the animals and birds in the city has different advantages. So, it's not so difficult to find food. Some time ago I told you about the dinners of the pigeons in Salerno (Pigeons in an Elder Tree). Well, dinner is not very easy time. The most fast is surely the breakfast becsuse many persons go out for a walk in the morning and take with them bread, cakes etc. Sometimes they throw entire breads in the waters of the gulf to attract sea-gulls. I noticed at least 3 species of sea-birds there: very big sea-gulls, "common" sea-gulls and cormorants. Excuse me, I don't know the names of the species.

But the most adapted to this life are probably the pigeons.

Завтрак голубей и чаек

These birds have even found the possibility to find their food in the sea. Last time I was in Salerno, I noticed them having their breakfast together with sea-gulls looking for something in the sand after the waves retreat.

Завтрак голубей и чаек

Завтрак голубей и чаек

I waited some time to see if the pigeons enter in the waves as the sea-gulls do but did not notice it. They entered the place where the waves passed after it, but I did not sea them soak their feet.

They were all together and did not quarrel. Probably, the food waves gave them was enough for all. After the breakfast everybody reteared for relax in the own ambience: the gulls on the cutwater stones and the pigeons on their favorite trees.

Завтрак голубей и чаек
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