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Friday, 8 April 2011

What Can I do for the Earth

You have surely read or listen about the "Earth Hour" movement. Some time ago they invited me -and maybe you too- to turn out the light for one hour. Some important monuments and institution joined the movement this year and they sepnt the light -electric light. But... they burned thousands of candles around that monuments etc.

I did not understand, sincerely: what was the matter of this action? If you want to turn out light -because everybody knows that the light in the night is bad for plants etc- so, if you want to protect the Earth and turn out the light 'you have to stay without light this hour. Specially because there were all the streets full of light around that places. Here you can find the prove that all the places "without light" were full of candles this year:

Now, in the site of WWF /Russia I found a list of what can we do to really help the Earth. I'll try to translate the list:
create your personal little garden.
do not live the chargers in the plug after it finishes to charge the battery.
go out from the city and look in the sky: the "natural" sky is very different from what we see in the cities.
Do you remember the eveninigs when we, sitting all together near the fire told "Scary"stories? Maybe it's unpossible to have a fire in the city but we can do it burning the candles.
Organize a medieval party for the women: try to do some hand works sitting in the company of other girls with the candles.
Do not buy water in the plastic bottles.

Do not use plastic bags.
Turn out your car when you do not drive.
Walk more or use bicycle.
Open the windows very wide for short time when you air the room.
Use natural light when it's possible.
Do not throw used clothes: give them to those who needs them.

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