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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Clever Cats and Santa Claus

Did you notice that the cats occupy always all the best places in thte house?
Did you notice that the cats like to look at fire?

I think that the cats have very sensible eyes. They can to see in dark places and in the night and -I thought- they have to have problems with the day light.
Than I noticed that Basja sits for the table lamp sometimes and looks at the lamp. It's strange, no? Try to look at the lamp. You can't do it. How can cats, nocturnal animals, look at the lamp? She can look at the light for minutes.

It's interesting to observe her. The God created them with incredible perfection.

Бася у Камина

But the cats have their problems and wishes, too, and, since they live with us, they learned that they have to ask Santa Claus for help. That is why our cats speak with Santa Claus when we do not see them. Who knows,what they ask...

Дедушка Мороз! Пусть в следующем году  МАРТ наступит с боем курантов!

Смотреть ещё!

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