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Tuesday, 27 December 2011


I don't know how it's for you but I still can't accept the death. Specially, the death of those who thinks you are a kind of god, you can everything, it's enough to stay near you and all the deseases will pass and all the problems will be solved. Well, it's not only about animals.

So, I don't understand some persons that like to assist  on "great" events. The death among them. Yes, it's the way the things exist in this world. But it's the Great Suffer. I don't think, it's humanely -to wait for the death and to laugh. Someone who is dieing passes different terrible stages of emotions. He suffers from the pains, he is afraid, he feels bad. I don't say he is afraid of dieing because I believe all us hope to go out of this situation till the last moment, animals, too. And all we -we hope these spectators are here to help us. They, spectators, will immediately understand that we feel bad and they will help.
This is what the dieing animal thinks. Feels. Hopes.

But those humans want only look at our sufferings. Only this. And ...they laugh.

Somebody tells us that we could not help that little elephant that remained without his mother and was fighting against the pride of lions. He noticed the car and neared it looking for help. But the documentarists went away and left that courageous child. They want only to look how he will be killed. They can't intervene. They want to watch the process of killing to show other spectators the process of killing.
They do not have soul. The do not have mercy in their souls. They do not have humanity.

We all those who want to watch it have not a soul.

Lion has to kill other animals because it's his way to survive. But lions do not watch and enjoy the process of killing just to see how an animal dies. To enjoy the process of dieing.

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