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Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Lion in the Flat

There is nothing new in this: some persons want to have exotic animals as their pets in the flat. Some of them have even lions in the house. Just like this one (and I really enjoyed the collection of photos I found in StumbleUpon) This lion is not better than our cats -all of them learn what is fridge before they learn to make their first steps.

I don't know what was the end of this story ( it's written that the photos were taken in 70-th) but we had a similar lover of the big cats not too far from here. Some years ago his lions ate him. And all were died after because nobody knew about the tragedy and nobody looked for the man about 2 or 3 weeks. Police found a cemetery of about 20 animals and the rests of the man. Probably, the man had not enough food for all the animals and they killed him. After that, all the animals died without food and water in the lapse of time needed that somebody began to look for the man.

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