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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Cormorants -A Beach in Argentine

When you think about a beach, you surely imagine persons with bikini that are laying on the sand. But some birds and animals think the beaches are for them and not for persons. Maybe, they feel comphortable, I don't know, maybe they are so acustomed that the persons do not damage them... I'm very surprised always when I see all of them that have not any fear for the humans., They are sure, we never will do something bad for them. Specially, it's about cats and dogs but the wild animals are not more suspicious. My husband passed some weeks with his family in rgentine and -since it's summer there- they wanted to walk near the water one day.

They found a great company of cormorants there. Nothing could disturb them, as you can see, even the motorboats could not help to finish this excellent meditation:

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