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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Macaques ...Terrible!

Macaques are maybe the most rude animals of the world. We learned it when we visited the Zoosafari park in Fasano (Puglia).

One of the attractions was the visit of the Macaques department in a train. We could not imagine what it will be and entered the departure place confident. Some of the visitors were expert -they had bags with peanuts and other nuts that is possible to buy in the bars inside the park.

The train, as you see, was a cage for humans. And there was a good reason to PROTECT humans.


This train passes through the territory of the macaques.


All the animals, everytime they see the train passing, run to receive the nuts from the visitors.


There are special tubes in the nets of the vehicle. They are eng but some monkeys shove their hands in these tubes, too. We were afraid that they can't take them out but they knew their possibilities perfectly.

It was a strange experience, you know. I did not see something like this before and was very impressed. Theose of that park knew what to do to entertain visitors. And there were many similar attractions there. We did a long way to reach that place but it was really very interesting.

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