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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The First Egg of Stone Partridge

The zoo my husband decided to create in our henhouse has a couple of stone partridges that lived free together with other birds in the great closed area. Everything was just good enough, they felt happy with their little neighbours but... In spring, the life changed for all of them. They live now in the cages and, probably, remember and cry their free happy life.

Наш Курятник

These birds were the most calm and easy to grow. The male, the biggest of all the company and with this sharp beal, was able to explain everybody the rules of living together right away.

Наш Курятник

I think, they were not happy in the cage but my husband did not want to know about "normal life conditions". At the end, when the weather became some better, he, my husband, has his great day: the partridges began to lay eggs. Here is our treasure!

The next challenge is to have chicks.

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