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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Angel on the Duvet

Sometimes I become very, very'very angry and have the great wish to kill all the cats. Do you know how sly qnd clever they are?

Isuspected that this beast (on the photo) has special strategies to wake me up in the night when I sleep so sweet. Some days ago I could verify this suspect.

Ангелочек. или Умаялась

I woke up some moments before she decided to wake me up because she wants to eat. She comes to me and jumps on my chest landing on all 4 legs. To have more powerful impact. I continue to "sleep". So, she goes near my shoulder, takes a run and jumps on me the second time.

I get up and throw her out in the yeard.

An hour later my husband stands up and does not find his "angel". He opeens the door and she is waiting for it. About an hour later she comes to wake me up because she has to go out.

All the night!!!

Now, she is sleeping on the duvet because she is sooooooooo tired!!!!!

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