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Saturday, 2 June 2012

How the Cat Felt Sorry for Her Owner

Spring is very busy time in every factory. Ours is not a real factory but we decided to grow little hens and some ornamental birds this year.

I'm very busy with chickens and the hen, incubator and gardening. And I don't tell you about other things that are urgently to do in every family. Well, we have a hen that had to grow 14 chickens of every species. I created a little yard for her, and she is happy with her children there. Its the second "yard". The first was in the shed where we believed there are not mice. And there was happend this story.

Two days ago, after the first night the hen passed there, I entered in the shed and saw 2 chickens dead in the hen's "yard". I was shocked. Those precious chickens! We bought the eggs who knows where. We waited for them with impatience... Nothing to do. One of them was still alive, I did everything possible to heal it...
It was clear that the hen squashed it. And one chicken disappeared. We understood that the mouse wanted to eat our chickens for breackfest but the combative hen caught it. When doing it, she squashed those 2 chickens.


My husband, woke up after the night of work, was desperated, too. He said all the words he could find about the mouse and about me because I liberated a rat from the trap once because I could not kill it.
Together with me Basja, our cat, heard him.
We went for shopping, and than he wanted to sleep before he had to go to work. I closed the door of the bedroom and went in the pther room to turn out my PC when -suddenly- I hear somebody hit the bedroom's door.
What it is???? Who could it be????
I go out from the room where I was and see Basja eating calm from her plate. And ...a big dead rat laying for the door of the bedroom.
You are fortunate, I said him. If I would not close the door, she would take that rat to you in the bed!


She decided to comfort her beloved owner, felt sorry for him and took him the killed robber!
My husband believes the rat is really that who stole the chicken. And Basja is now the Hero of our family. It's absolutly clear that she understands it.

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