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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Eurasian Coot near Naples, Italy

We went northward of Naples to visit some of my husband's friends who are bird lovers. On the way, we had to cross a little river that was more similar to an irrigation channel. Middle of the autumn is the time when many birds fly to south over our zone and we often hear their voices. It's not too easy to see them because they often fly in the night. I don't know why they do it but I think they know about the danger of hunters and that they sleep in the night. :-)))

Crossing the river, we've seen some ducks on the water and wanted to make some photos of them.
As usually I had only my cell and could not make the shuts better but I think, you can believe me.

My husband sees better than me and as a bird lover he knows different bird species, so he cried: These are coots! Look here, you can see them here!
Well, coots or not, all the ducks were just hidden in the rushes when we neared them and I took some photos only when they did not see me. And, unfortunately, it's impossible to understand what species are those.

In any case I was very happy to see that there are still alive beings in the wild nature in this region because I've seen that there are too many persons with the guns and there is not any wild animal or bird who is so courageous to live in the day time.

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