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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

From the Life of the Ants

There is a completely strange world that everybody of us, humans, would like to avoid in the majority of the cases. It's the world of insects. Most of these beings are disgusting and terrifying. They are our nightmare of the daytime. We prefer to be as far as possible from almost all of them.

One of the species of insects that is not so much hated by humans as others is the ant.

Since I live in the countryside, I have to stay in very close contact with many species of insects. Ants create many troubles in our life. They make passages in the stones of the walls, they eat wooden parts of the windows, they feel free to eat everything they find and everywhere and so they make many damages in the house.

But if you begin to observe their behaviour, it becomes very interesting. They have many things common with us. Ants like sugar and can't resist when they have it in front of them. Ants have cemeteries and have special stuff to maintain them clean. They suffer from the diseases in the same way as we do...

Now, this time, I wanted to tell you how the ants drink.

This summer was particularly hot. There was not water and we tried to conserve it, too.
When Stassi was alive we had always a big pod with water near the door because not only Stassi but all the hens and other animals and birds came to drink from that pot. After the death of Stassi, we often forget to put new water there. But there are other jugs normally.

Once, I noticed this scene:

Ants went and went there. The row was sometimes very long, all round the side of the vase.  When I came with the camera, I just had not time to focus it because the ants finished to drink and went away.

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