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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Country-Life In May

Our life is signed by the natural events according to the seasons. In this period everything is turning around the cherries. Last week we passed on the trees and I'm completely exhausted now because I normally do not make much physical work.

But not only we are living near the cherries. ON them, practically. The animals like them too. The only problem this year is that the air is now too hot and they prefere to sleep in a fresh place.

Those who is much more happy about the cherries are the hens. On the photo here you can see that they are all black now. Better. They are dry-blood-red. First they picked the cherries from the tree up. The branches of the cherry that is near the house are very low and the hens go there and eat the fruits directly from the tree.

Now, when we pick up the best cherries, the hens go to eat them in the boxes. So we have to close them, boxes, to have the chrries alive for the dealer.

The other interesting event in our life is the behaviour of Stassi towards Kotik. Well, she loved him from his first days, he was always "her" baby. But she was never too indulgent with the cats. She has to show them who is the head of the family. In the last period Kotik began to sleep on the place of Stassi. Once it was the place of Imir. After his death Stassi began to sleep here. But now Kotik began to sleep on this place sometimes. And ... Stassi says nothing to him!!! She do not catch him from her place. She lays nearby. Incredibly. We canot beleave our eyes.

Стасси и Котик

«Стасси и Котик» на Яндекс.Фотках

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