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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Terrible Lizards

We have different species of lizards here on the hill. I told you about their life once here in this blog. As you know I don't like insects and all these saurus and snakes. I don't know why. But I try to help them if I can.

As I said you we have 2 types of lizards. And I wanted to take some photos of them this year. I was not very successful but you can understand the difference.

There are very many green lizards her. Look at this one. The expression how it looks at me. "I see this one but I'm not afraid. I observe every movement she makes here! If I feel danger I will go away but till that moment I'll stay here on the sun because I'm not afraid of this stupid being!"


I was surprized when I understood the position it had there on the roof of the henhouse. Do you see how it takes it's back legs? Incredible! What is it doing? lizard-yoga?


This year we have not many other lizards. I don't know why. They were soooo numerous before... This is one of them. Very interesting is that these enter often in our house and even live inside. It's difficult to understand that they are on the wall because they take the color of the place where they live. In the room they are white. When they live on the walls of the house, they are gray. This year they live on the wall under the great whisteria plant ...and they are half green!!!


By the way, they are NOT LIZARDS! They are Gecko! This one is common gecko, Moorish Wall Gecko, Tarentola mauritanica. You can read about them in Wikipedia and from there I took the last photo too.

At the difference of those first that are too proud and don't think 2 times to difend themselves biting you, these gecko had never bite me or my husband. They prefere run away.

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