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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Pond with Swans

Once I wrote about a very beautiful place situating not too far from us where we like to relax Saturdays or Sandays. It's a residential area with a little pond where ducks lived.

Утки посреди города

After some time the ducks disappeared from the pond and the water, too. There was a nacked desert for about a year.We asked the merchants but they could not say anything about the situation. The ittle and very nice park became somewthing ... sad. And we did not come there more, too.

Some time ago we came for shopping in the supermarket there and -suddenly- discovered that everything is changed. There is a fanced and video-supervised area with many beautiful ducks and swans. And there are many families and couples and groups of visitors to enjoy the relaxing place.

We need not so much to feel happy. We need nature.

Что бы такого ещё съесть, чтоб похудеть?

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