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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

We Grow Quails Now

The very last notice about the life in our "factory" is that we decided to grow quals this year. I've just told you that my husband bought 2 of them to attract the fox in the trap with the alive animals. But the birds were so interesting and my husband liked the new toy so much that he bought other 2 females to have a complete family.

First they lived in a cage, than, when we had not more cocks, the quails received an antire henhouse for them

Till the last days, the quails did not lay eggs and my husband thought just to let them go. I read in internet that the quails need many proteins to feel good. He found ants for them and put the nestle with all the earth in the henhouse. Here is the result of his work:

Do you think, these are dead quails? No, they are very happy: after they ate all the ants they began to cover themselves with the earth. And... now we have these marvel of the nature:

The next part of the game is to have the little of quails.
Well, I think, it's unpossible: the females are not interested in the eggs. I don't think they will began to hatch them. Only the male looks for the eggs and turns them over like the hens do.

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