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Monday, 25 July 2011

The Cat and The Pool

Do you have a cat? I have this one. Well, it's a stray cat but because I live on her territory and because she is a female, we have to give her to eat. Among all the animals that lived in our house, this one is the most wild. She comes only when she wants to eat or the weather is so bad that the quilts are much more warm than the soil. She is so stupid that she is able to sleep on the grass or erth under the rain.

Well, it would be not interesting (for me) if she did not have particular predilection for my plants and pools.
It's difficult to understand WHY the cats like to sleep in the vases with flowers...

...but I can explain it to me so that the wet soil is efficient to make them feel cool.

This other case is a real problem for me

You will say, there is nothing criminal in this photo. Yes, you are right. The crime was happend a moment after. The cat turned on her back and began to slide round the pool moving forward with the help of ... clows.
Logically I have to throw the pools after such "marry-go-round". And because it's just not the first pool that finished it's existance this way, I would prefere to throw the cat...

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