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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Biondo and Lithops

I had a very important day yesterday: my Lithops decided to flower after I don't know how much time it was without any sign of life. When I noticed that there was a flower, the sun was just away from my yard and there was only a little piece of lighted surface. I put the lithops in that part of the yard and ... Miracle 'the plant opened the flower once more.

Lithops Литопс

At that time, Biondo comes in the yard to see if I took something good for him. He became terrible, you know. He cryes and cryes under the door till we give him something to keep him silent. And we need a factory of sausages to fill his stomach...

Бьёндо и кактус Бьёндо и кактус Бьёндо и кактус

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