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Sunday, 9 October 2011

A New Cat in Our Yard

After the death of all the adult cats in our zone (Kotik and his rival -about a month later), the life of the females was calm this summer. I don't see them and do not know if they are alive else but I see their kittens -we have different young cats, some of them surely are the kittens of Kotik. But Basja does not allow any cat come here.

About a month ago one of them, a young cat, come in our yard half dead from hunger. My husband was in the hospital, and I gave the dieing animal to eat -thinking about my husband. Maybe you will think that I'm superstitious, but I could not see a sentient being die when my husband was in the dangerous situation, too.
I called him Biondo (Blond -Italians call one other sometimes this way) because Kotik was black 'and this son of the rival is some white.
Well, this sentient being become too insolent with time. He comes 3 times a day to request food now. Look at these photos:


Biondo is not only insolent. He became to hit Basja. Basja accepted him in the yard. It seems, she knows him. I think, he has  less than 12 month. If he will survive, he will become a king next year since there are not adult cats more. If he will survive. Because my husband said, he will burry him because he hits his beloved Basja.

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