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Monday, 24 October 2011

Our new Virginia Quail

We have a new member in our "factory". It's a nestling of Virginia Quail. My husband dreamed to by them for much time, and we have 7 qualis now. So, he decided to buy this species of quail, too. There are not many amateurs of the not factory birds here but some "mad" men have them for fun,too. My husband found 2 of them in our region. One wil have the little birds to sell in December, other said we can come to take them.

We had to travel long enough till that factory. The man has all species of birds for the factory. But he has some species for hunting. And he really had some nestlings. We did not see that they were too little. And one of them was dead. Unfortunatelly. The other is in the incubator and seems to feel good. Here is our Virginia Quail

Виргинская американская куропатка

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