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Friday, 18 November 2011

Basja Drived Away from Our Yard

БасяBasja is our stray cat. We live in her territory. And she is the last remained from all the dogs and cats we had, you know it. As a stray cat, she allowed us to occupy place here for the food we give her and the duvet we offer her when it rains.

She is week and never could protect herself and her territory.

But she is a very brave hunter and adores mices and even rats that populate our henhouse and eat our hens and cocks. So, she is a very precious help in the house.


Как Кошка С Мышкой

In September, a young cat came to us. he was half dead from hunger and cryed always. I gave him to eat and now he lives here.

Бьёндо и кактус

What is happend now when he thinks he is the owner of this territory? He catched Basja from here and she does not come more. Could you imagine what has to happen in the next days? I'm sure, my husband will send away this cat.

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