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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

In the Neighbour Village

There is a new built village not too far from us -about 6-10 km, I think. I wrote different times about it here because it is the most lovely place in all our zone. There are not only resident houses but all the necessary shops and small restaurants, pizzerias, ice-cream shops -everything a modern person needs to feel happy. All this was built around a little park with some ducks and gooses that lived free and without an owner. They were for all people.

That paradise was alive for about 2 or 3 years when the birds were probably cought by somebody.
It was very sad. There was not more water in the pond and there was not the wish to visit that place.

This year the situation changed. The pond was cleaned, the park was restructured. There are new beautyful birds in it. They pass nights in a shed. All the area is closed inside the fence and there are videocameras around it.

Over all the park is the statue of the S. Maria that has to protect the new paradise from those evil-minded persons that are not afraid of people and videocameras but still believe in God. Here are some photos of the modern idea of the Paradise.

В соседней деревне

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