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Friday, 4 November 2011

Hunting a Fox: the First Result

Foxes that live not far from our house create many problems to us. First of all because we are always worried about the hens. Our hens walk all the days outside the henhouse or they can stay inside the fence but not closed in the henhouse. Normally, the foxes do not go out to find their food before the twilight. And so we are relatively sure that nothing can happen.

But sometimes they are tooooo hungry and in these cases they forget the fear.

All the foxes and other animals know that we have a trap, and nobody can be caught with it more. From time to time my husband decided to put something tasty there -a piece of cheese or meat...

Yesterday, he calls me to come with my photocamera because he caught the fox. It's unpossible, I sad. Foxes do not go around in the daytime. Specially if humans are in the yard.
You come here, he says. I caught my fox!

Surprized, I take my photocamera, go down to the henhouse and... see the "fox" in the trap. A stupid, stupid "fox". Hope, he will not go in it more.

Поймалась Лисичка!

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