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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Winter Does Not Want to Leave Us

My calender shows me March, 6 today. But, after some suny days, winter turned back and it's too cold now. Imagine -we had only 12 °C and very cold wind all the day. And the rain turnd back, too.

Nothing bad. It's normal. I'm very happy that I did not put the seeds when it seemed that the spring came. We have such changes of the weather in March always here.

We had sad events in this period. The second young hen pepoi is dead and we remained without these very active and happy birds. Probably, they were too little. We had not buy so little hens.

Наш Курятник

All others are just excited by spring and chants of the birds out of the henhouse. Maybe the period of love is near for them, too.

Basja passes much time observing the territory. There are too many cats that want to live here and Basja became very combatant. But when it rains, dreaming for the fire is the best solution...

И снова Наступили Холода

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