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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Our New Hen

Henhouse is an interesting place where is possible to pass hours observing it's inhabitants. We bought a new hen pepoi to replace the two little hens died during the cold period.

This hen is not young. Nobody knows how old she is but my husband did not want to take young animals more. This is not the good period to grow them.

The hen was grown in a farm where the hens live free. They are not accustomed to the presence of the owners. So, the hen does not come to the owner when he calls the hens..

Новая курочка

First day: the hen was too frightened and did not want to think about friendship with the cook. He tryed to convince her but there was nothing to do there.

Second day: we decided to force the events and left the cook with the new wife. He is very pushy. So, when the old hens went away, he concentred all the efforts to conquist his new Her.

"Madam, would you like to look here? I took you a very fat and tasty worm!"

Новая курочка

-You are wrong! I'm not an easy hen! I've seen many and much more fat worms in my life!

Новая курочка

-Oh my god, he goes away... Was I too incorruptible? And if he does not turn back???

Новая курочка

-Oh madam, you are so beautiful! Your plumage is so brillant that I'm completely dazzled by it...

Новая курочка

-Mmmm... Your words sound soo nice.Where is that fat and tasty worm you told me earlier? Maybe I'll change the opinion about it...

Новая курочка

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