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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Our Mandarin Ducks

The situation is stagnant in our "zoo" in the last weeks. We wait for the new arrivals but the man who has to sell animals to us has problems. And so we wait and wait and wait and... leave the reproductive season. In the meantime mandarine ducks have a new house where they will live with an other pair of mandarins.

After some weeks of habit, the female seems to accept the mail that has enormous patience with her. He is always near her but she does not show particular feelings in his confront.

In fact, we still do not have any egg from them.

In a local agricultural exhibition, my husband bought an other mandarine mail. He is very very beautiful.

First he lived with the quails but it was not very good because he had not the possibility to swim since the quails can fall in the water. Now, he lives near the first couple. We could not leave him with them because the female hits and threatens him always. They say, the mandarins have fixed families and probably she thinks she is the owner in that corner.

As for me. the first male is not bad. But since they do not have eggs, my husband thinks, he is too old. We don't know how to see the age of these ducks and nobody among the friends of my husband know. So, he wants to sell this couple now.

It's very sad. I hope, if the new female and a couple of carolina ducks arrive, this couple will feel the competition and will begin to lay eggs...

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