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Monday, 28 May 2012

Why Every Dollar Counts When it Comes to the Best Wet Dog Food

There are many different opinions on the kind of food that is best is for your dog. Two of the biggest arguments are wet dog food versus dry dog food and "premium" foods versus "bargain" foods. The type of food you give your dog is often a personal choice and depends on several factors. The age, breed, health, and allergies of the dog are major factors. 
Many veterinarians suggest the best wet dog food for young or older dogs because they are high in protein, easy to digest, offer more hydration, and easier on the dog's teeth. Dry dog food can be a good choice for many dogs in middle age ranges because of the benefits to the dog's teeth and gums, easy storing and measuring, and assurance of more solid stools. Many experts say the most benefit comes from a mixed diet over a dog's life, combining a more canine cuisine like diet consisting of the best wet dog food and dry food brands and the individual circumstances of the animal. 
The second issue is of "premium" foods versus "bargain" foods for your dog. Though many would choose bargain priced dog food, there are substantial benefits to premium brands. Most premium brands, whether wet or dry, contain more balanced nutrition for your dog. Premium brands also lean heavily towards all natural or organic recipes which lower the possibility of animal by-products, fillers, and preservatives in your dog's food. 
Many dogs often have health issues that are better handled with premium foods as well. A dog that has certain allergies, for instance an allergy to dyes (which are found in many dog foods), can completely solve this problem with all natural or organic food blends. 
Premium brand dog foods are also more often tailored to the specific needs of a particular dog's health, such as dogs who suffer from diabetes or digestive problems. It is easier to find a large selection of premium brands that are tailored to the size and weight of your dog, sometimes even a general breed guide, than it is to find something so specific among the bargain brands offered. 
Many manufacturers of premium brands approach the formulas for their dog food from a more holistic approach and testing is more often done in homes or with test animals that have options for adoption into pet loving homes. All of these benefits outweigh the cost for many dog owners. Spending a little more for daily care may also prevent higher medical costs in your dog's future.

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