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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Great News in Our Henhouse! The first chicken is born!

This is what I would like to tell you with great joy: the very first chicken was born yesterday! He was born in incubator but we put it immediately under the broody who left all her "natural" chickens. My husband took the eggs and broke them and found that the chickens were all dead. Probably, when the weather was too cold, the hen went to eat and the eggs became too cold. The poor hen sits just more than 30 days and seems to be too sad but she does not want to leave the eggs... That is why we were so happy when this little bird was born.

This morning I went in the henhouse to see how the chicken feels today because I was afraid the hen will crush him. But here is what I found there:


 It's so little! We want to grow breeds of little hens.


 Now, I run every minut to the incubator and listen if someone wants to born more... The problem is that the hen will not accept chickens who will born too late. We hope, she will sit for other 2-3 days more.

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