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Thursday, 22 March 2007

Bird's intelligence

Once I had a pair of parakeets
like this (photo from this site)
The male was blue, the female was white. She was not the most beautiful of all, I don't know why I bought this colour. As colours I like Arlekinos yellow and green. But that time I had these two.

After some time you could find the female always flying in the room, because she learned to open the hook of her cage. So I had to close them better when I was at work.

One day I turn home and see the female lying on the floor of her cage on the skin with legs in air. Some moments later, when I decide she is dead, she turns and flys on the top of the cage. There she takes the wire with her claws and drives down hanginig on the claws till she touches the floor of the cage with her skin. Remains there for some moments and then repeat this game.

My friend had 2 pairs of parakeets in the same great cage. Every pair had a house and both had their youngs. But one female wanted the husband of other female.

At first she went in their house when they did not stay there and every day killed one of their youngs. Then she began to beat the other female, and my friends had to separate them befor she kills this female too. The other male was not agressive. So at the end the first female began to live in the house of her rival with the male of the rival. And he accepted her and had youngs with her as nothing was happend.

An aunt and oncle of my mother lived alone and had parakeets one at the time. They treated them so as those were little children. They spoke with parakeets every time they could and it meens fast all day. They even read them stories and poems for children ecc. The parakeets liked it very much and told you these stories and poems without errors! More! They commented everything you did and everytime with right words.

Now from my stories to scientific research:
Crows prove they are no birdbrains (an article)

Here is the video of the story you read

And video that show us HOW they do it.

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