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Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Some new (for me) cat-photos

Maybe I'm not right, but I'm sure, cats -all - are the top of the evolution.

I like dogs very much, they are best friends, they are the shoulder you can feel always nearby. Cats are something different. They are kings. They need you, they like stability, they are attached to you and to all in the house, but they want never show it.

If you want to have complet family, you need both, dog and cat.

There was once a question in Yahoo!Answers: can animals speak with us? can they smile or explain their emotions? I think, everybody can understand emotions of the animals even if we see photos of them. I had dogs, cats, parrots, fishes, pigeons and hen in my life. If you watch them attentively, you understand, they can speak and have the same our emotions. They are all different and understand other species of animals. My dogs could communicate even if they couldn't see one another and were distant about 50 -100 meters from them.

I think, we, human beings, have choosed the way of more and more limited specialization to create more comfortable life for us. With this we leave our nature, our ancestral capacities to see, to hear, to feel.

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