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Friday, 16 March 2007

would it make the difference?

Animal Aid videos
We have to eat meat. We have to breed animals. What I don't understand: why we have to treat them in this way?

I don't say:we have to be vegetarians. The best explanation of this I heared from Namkhai Norbu. He said: have you ever seen what do paesants to cultivate rise? How many animals they kill when they hoe the field? And those that were not killed from the paesant, kill birds and other animals. And then, later, till this rise come to you and you eat it? Why you close your eyes on this if you don't want that animals are killed for your meal?

I can't change the world. I don't want to do it. Maybe the only thing I can to do is to give the best life to the animals that live with me and that I meet.

A month ago one dog came to us. It was a breton. Mixed breton, I think. He was attracted by our female. We gave him to eat and my husband wanted to find a home for him, but he looked for his master. Some days after a mixed setter female came to us. It was a pity to see her. She was very happy to find us, but we have many animals and can't take others. We gave her to eat for some days, cured the wound on the feet, put the medicine for fleas and... brought her near the municipal dog kennel. My husband went there two days befor to ask them about her, but the answer was no.

And the breton is running here and there else. We see him sometimes. We think, he doesn't eat and seems to be more dead as alive, but he wants to find his master. Only him.

When one relative came to us to see the setter, he told us: hunters don't want to take those dogs all year long, they leave them when the hunting period finish.

What can I say? I'll tell you an other story form those hundreds of stories we see here every year.
One year there was an old dog abandoned in our street. He was fat and didn't feel good. Maybe his masters didn't want to kill him, but didn't want to wait for his death in their house. Imagin, this old dog waited for his family 6 months on the same place. He was sure they will turn back to look for him. The residents brought him sometimes to eat and water, but that summer was too hot...

The cat that lives with us was afraid of everything when she came to us. It was clear, persons where she lived, beat her with everything they could. Now she likes to be treated as a "human being". She knows us better as we know ourselves. We never had cats. Now even my husband adore to "communicate" with her.

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