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Sunday, 29 June 2008

Silence About Abuses

My firend, Angela, sent me a mail with photos of those poor baby seals that are killed every year -and killed in this barbaric way. I could not copy those photos. The post could be not so ... as it is now. But I could not do it.

Once I wrote much about this tragedy and asked my readers to firm the appeal to the Canadian Government to finish this terrible practice. Only one person did it.

Maybe we think, it has not sense. Or we can't do anything for them. Or maybe somebody thinks that Canadians are right. Because people eat the meat of baby-seals, so why not.

I don't know, maybe they are right. But as for me, these animals had not finish their life in this way. We have animals for sell too. But we do everything possible that they have happy life and if we have to kill them, we do that they don't suffer too much.

The photos in this post I found looking for more information about baby seals killing in Canada. The site tells about "Up to a quota of another 350,000 baby seals". After seeing that photos those persons continue to eat the meat of baby seals???

With my greatest surprise I saw that the name of the site where I found this is "The EpiscoVeg"

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