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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Serial Killer Caught

Finally, after about 5 month serial killer is caught!
Maybe you will remember the tragedy we had once in march when Two Marry Foxes Visited Our Hen-house

We told about it to our neighbours and later the neighbours told us that the foxes visited their hen-houses too. With similar result. They say one person lose 29 hens in one attempt. I can't say you if they tell about the same foxes. But I know that these two made a round of all our neighbours.

We knew where they lived but we never said about it to others because the foxes had their littles, and my husband saw sometimes how they play there. There is high herbs there and he saw movement of it. He called me too, but I was not so fortunate.

But than they turned back to us and took away an other cock (we bought 6 new cocks and 3 hens). This happend some days ago. We did everything possible that the foxes could not enter in the hen-house in the night, but the fox came in the day-time.

In this way his days were counted. My husband had to catch him. It was clear that the road to our hen-house was straight and short. And the cocks young and tasty.

The first day there was a red cat in the trap. He is a rival of Kotik.

The other day there was a hedgehog. My husband threw him under our mountain, but the next night he turned back. Hedgehogs are stupid. They don't learn from the experience. Hens, cats, rats never enter the second time in the trap, but hedgehogs do.

Finally this morning we found the killer in the trap. He ent to the hen-house, found it closed and could not hold out the tentation of the hen head in the trap.

Stassi was very happy to remember the good times when they with our male, Imir, were masters of these places. She wanted to show who is the commander here.

But the cats were very afraid. Look at them on the photo. Kotik was not near the house, he turned back later. I wanted to show him the fox, but when I took him in the shed, he was mortally afraid and run away before I could make a photo.

Once I saw him, Kotik, patrol the part of plot where the foxes live. He went there but after some minutes run back with all possible speed and cryed to attract our attention (we picked up the cherries nearby).

Mz husband promised me he will not kill the fox and we will take him far from here in the mountains so that he canßt turn back here. Because if he will turn back we will never catch him more and our hens will live in danger. The other problem could be that our neighbours will put poison and many animals will die.

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