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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Sad Story Of Lonesome George

I had to write an article about Galapagos and read much about these isles in the last days. I found different stories written by persons that visited these islands and tell about incredible impressions they had when they saw thousands and thousands animals and fishes that are completely not afraid of humans. Seals that play with the divers, birds that make their nests on the path for the tourists and even do not move their heads when the persons have to get over them.

I was very touched when I read about one tortoise, the only remaind alive from it's species. On the photo from . It's a tortoise from island Pinta. Reuters wrote in November that they found 2 "girls" for this male and they had eggs but 80% from them are sterile. One of the "girls" was similar to the male, she nad some parents from the same specie of Lonesome George. Who knows what is happend in these months? Maybe there are just babies? Unfortunatelly I could find anything about them.

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