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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

More About Big Cats

I don't know what to do with our 3 cats. Not with 3 but with 2 of them. Two females. Those can't live together and we have struggles every day here.
Murka is very angry cat. As I know, Siamese are angry cats, generally. Because she is half wild, Murka makes pipi and popo in the house if she can deceive me and remains for the night inside. It's not good, you will agree with me. So I catch her out in the evening.
Basja can wait with pipi till the morning when we wake up. She has bronchite and my husband allows her to sleep here.
So, Murka and Basja are now the worsest enemies in the world. Imagine the sound treck near the house every day.

To have more good mood I found "good cats" in YouTube and here they are:


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