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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

So Many Beautiful Ducks!

I hope you will enjoy these different types of ducks.
Normally we imagine the ducks so as we learned about them in our childhood. More or less. But there are so many colors and sizes.

We have not ducks at home because they need water to be happy, says my husband and it's difficult to have enough water here on our hill. So, he never wanted to buy them.
From other side, they are as dogs, he says. Who will kill them than?

Specially I like Mandarinas and those other, similar, I forgot the name. Caroline, says my husband. The 2 last photos here. I don't know if somebody eats them. They are very beautiful to have near the house. There was a factory part for kids in Naples Zoo and there were these ducks. It could be real pleasure to have them in the yard...

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