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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A Goat And A Sheep

I know this couple different years. And they are always so: the goat is the boss and the sheep is always one step back and repeating every movement of the goat.

A year ago there were different goats and different sheep. This year remained only these two. The others were not from the same "company" even if they had this strange behaviour. Who knows, are the goats more indipendant? Need all the sheep to follow somebody? I don't know it. I rarely see them in my life.

Sunday I've seen in TV a story about a sheep that thinks it's a dog, a border colly that works in the factory looking for the herd of sheep together with 4 other dogs. And this "dog" does everything the other dogs do.
It's mother, of that lamb, was dead giving it to the light. The newborn lived with the persons and dogs -and now it's a "dog" too.

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