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Thursday, 23 September 2010

How a Turtle Eats

I love animals and had different species in house in my life. From fishes in an aquarium that were entertainment of all the family and you had to wait in a queue to observe their behaviour turned home from job, till hens in their henhouse, scorpions and snakes that live in the yard, rats that have not any shame and walk near the henhouse when they want including the daytime...

The animal I never had is the turtle.

I have seen them wild in Turin, in a park. There was a little lake so full of this animals that they had not place to swim. Than, later, one of my friends bought some of them for heer son. She said, her son loves them soooo much. They grew about a hand big, you know.

Once a very big turtle came to them and decided to live in their house. They did not know where it came from. It was about 40 cm long. It lived there when I came to visit them. My friend bought salad and carrots for it and -imagine- it came near the house at the time of lunch every day. I was surprized to observe how it ate. My god, we are fortunate to have the possibility to use hands to eat. Today I found this nice photo and remembered that turtle.
It went away so as it came to my friend.

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