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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A Pool For The Cat

I decided to buy a little pool for children to have the possibility to "swim" there. The summers are too hot for me here, in Italy, and I feel very bad often. The only possibility to turn my body to the normal temperatures is the water. So, this year I decided to pumper myself.

Everything was good, I was happy and laughed as a little child "swimming" in this "pool" but the problems did not late to come. The blue part of the pool was down just some days later. I could not understand the reason: we have not little children here and nobody could make holes. And than I even could not find those holes. Glue did not help, there were other holes there.

Nothing to do, I had to resign myself about the lower part of the pool down. I had other 3 parts else, I sad to me, it will be enough to "swim" there.

Then, one day, I open the garage and there is our cat Basja near me. She is visibly happy and wants to play.

What does she do to express her happiness, you will ask me?
She lays on her back near my pool, rolls about herself some times and...
With horror I see how she turns to the pool and, with the help of all her claws inserted in the plastic of the pool, begins to slide around it. You can't imagine the happiness of this cat sliding on her back around the pool! It seemed the highest joy on the Earth.
And imagine MY state.

Well, now the green part was down too, and it was clear, it's unpossible to find ALL the holes to repaire it.

With 2 parts down, the pool met the next morning... when the cat was happy too and decided to slide around the yellow part of the pool.

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