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Monday, 13 September 2010

Community of Fun and Cute Pets

Some of my friends bloggers like their pets so much that decided to create blogs where they write posts so as pets are their authors. But they are not alone now. There is an entire Cuteness Pet Community where pet lovers can stay in contact with virtual friends of their favourites. This site allows to have a profile of the pet with it's photos, descriptions of anything the owner wants to tell others about his favourite animal. And attention, it's not about only dogs or cats. This community unites all species of the pets, and you can interact with the owners of all the species you like in one site.

Interesting is that you can participate on different competitions, rate photos you like, choose the Cutest Pet or even challenge an other pet to a Cuteness Duel. When you open Cute Pet Challenges, you find 3 "rings": Battlezone, Thunderdome and Pet Challenges. It's so intersting: some persons challenge to the Duel cat vs dog, for example; and allow me to say it, I would not know who from them, kitten or puppy, is the cutest, because I love both dogs and cats, and beauties like Minnie and Rolf, those I like more than others, can't leave your heart indifferent when you see them.

Dog Park is an other interesting place to visit in this community. It was created to stay all together. Meeting with your pet's virtual friends, chatting all at the same time, exchanging notices and opinions is a way to relax and to become real friends. You can even invite your friends for a virtual party.

Thunderdome offers an opportunity to win important prizes. Only 2 of all the participants that pass the 5 Rounds of competition arrive to the ultimate championship's vote. And the cutest wins.

If you need an advise what treatment or toy your pet needs, this community offers quality products tested by the members, too.

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