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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

News about Siberian Tigers and Snow Leopards

WWF of Russia sent me a very nice notice: with the donated money, scientists could buy and instal 5 photo-traps in hunting grounds in Amur Region, Sergej Aramilev writes. These traps allow to count tigers and other animals living in that place, you know it.

What you did not know is that the photos made by the traps are exposed in the WWF offices and hunting ground offices where all the persons can know every tiger "personally".
The hunters become proud to have these majestic animals in their zone.
From other side, they do not want the cameras can take the photo of unauthorized shooting.

So, the photo traps are very-very useful for the protection of the animals.

The good notice is that the hunting grounds create a good base of wild animals that are the food for tigers too. And the traps show a large variety of species.

Dear Friends, I received the answer from WWF of Russia (I asked them if the persons from other countries can donate money too). Here is the page if you want to help Amur Tiger and Amur Leopard 
Pls help these corageous people to continue their selfless labour!

They  counted 7  leopards too. 3 of them were males, 1 was a female, others they could not identify. It's a very good notice -if you remember I wrote some years ago that there were known only 20 leopards living in the wild. 7 leopards in only one region -it's GREAT, don't you think?
The article in Russian from the site of Russian WWF was written on October 15.

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