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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Splendid photo and Circus in our Village

Incredible beauty. Elegancy. Cats are the best models. But this photo is the best of all I've seen. You will agree with me.

I have to tell you about the transformation of our stray cats in domestic, too. It's maybe because the weather is not good: it rains just for a week. Both cats stay at home now. Kotja began to speak with me as his mother did. Very pleasant sound, I like it very much. He (Kotik) is not so stressed now, remains always near the house and likes to speak with me.

There is a circus in the village under our hill now. We passed nearby this evening. They have different big animals: tigers, camels, giraffe. All the population was there when we came. THey had little spaces for their cages to walk there. Unfortunatelly I had not my photocamera. Even the cell remained at home. In any case it was just night, too dark for the photos.

We wanted to join the crowd.One of the camels ate the leaves of a ficus. I was surprized: ficus is toxic as I know. Maybe camels can eat them, I thought. But than I thought the boys that gave to the animal a big branch of ficus...

The other camel was standing in a corner of own pen reeling, with the posterior legs bending...  We could not look at this poor stressed animal and went away. I would ban exotic animals in such places. They deserve respect for all they do for us...

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