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Monday, 4 October 2010

Retired, Kotik is in the Dumps

If you follow this blog in the last 4 years, you will remember my very detailed reports about the life of Kotik, the kitten of Murka my husband decided to leave here because he said this kitten remembers him Imir. We laughed often that Imir had this cat-reincarnation because he catched and killed the cats when he could.

Kotik, in fact, has different behavior models that were characteristic for Imir. It's very strange. And it's really difficult to explain, but it's the truth. He behaves often as Imir did.

I did not write about our animals for much time but today I have the photos of Kotja. The problem is that after the wars of this spring he remained without his thron. He is not a King more. I do not knoe who is the King now, I don't see other cats. There was one white-black in spring, the competitor. But I do not see him more.

But Kotja is clearly not a King more. He stays at home all the days, he crys and crys always, he asks something tasty and does not want to eat it then... Well, the clear depression. But I do not understand the reason. He was dethroned months ago.Why this late reaction?

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