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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Those Good Giants -Rottweilers

Dear Bear Wife,

I had different dogs in my life and have some opinions myby not very orthodox aabout the dogs generally. First of all, the dog is a reflectin of the owner. Animals generally are the masters of the life in common and they never attac others without a reason. If the owner has psychological problems, the dog probably will be educated to compensate them. That is why many rottweilers are ferocious. Their owners buy a "feroceous" dog to compensate own need to demonstrate own "force" to other persons.

Among the other dogs I had and have seen, the rottweilers are the most calm and pacific. They know about own power, they feel themselves over those other weaklings and they look at the life from this point of view. If you observe the very little dogs, you will notice they allways bark, are agressive and often the owners have to put them a muzzle because they tend to bite persons. Rottweilers will lay calm, observing you.

It is possible to understand little dogs. They are so little, so fragile, nobody notices them, nobody takes them for "personalities". But they need to become the "Kings" too, it's normal for all living beings to try to take a good place in this life.

Once we were on the beach with our dogs.Very far from us, there was a family with children. The little boy came to us from that far where they were to play with the dogs. I was sure Imir never will do something to a child (they understand very well that these are little beings and not adults) and did not say anything. Let him play. Imir was the best ever example of the kindness in this world.

In one moment the boy opened the jaws of Imir and put his head in Imir's mouth. Maybe he wanted to play circus and lions' tamer.

You had to see me in that moment. I stood paralyzed at the place and in the movement I did when I've seen the scene. I was afraid to move, to make something that could provoke Imir to close his jaws.

With happy laugh the boy took his head out of the mouth of Imir, and I surely had some white hairs on my head. At that moment arrived -calm- the father of the boy.

The dogs know everything about us. They know all our "faults" and know to use them for their benefit. So, they have the capacity to communicate on the level we are not able to heat. Maybe it's telepathy or sound frequency that we don't hear -I don't know.

But they have surely many sides of their behaviour that we, children of human haughtiness, wanted to have in other humans and don't find. And first of all we want the unconditioned love, absolutely unpossible between humans quality. And dogs give us this and other precious feelings. 
They say, Saint-Exupéry said: More I know the dogs, more I despise humans.

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