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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Knight and the Dogs

Dogs are the friends of the humans from unmemorable times. Theylive with us always, they trust us, they live us. They sacrifice their lives to save us.

Everybody knows stories about the dogs that did something good for us. And these stories are not like those about Nessy or smething like this. These stories are from our personal lives:
a boxer of my aunt saved him from bandits killed by one of them,
the old dog left by his owners in our street did not make a step from the place where his owners left him waiting that they will turn to take him -he waited till the death under the hot summer sun left without water and food...
There are many similar stories.

The dogs accompain us in our last trip, too.

Рыцарь и Собаки

What do we, humans, to pay our debts towards these animals?

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