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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Pigeons without Fear

The wild pigeons are normally -and with all the reason- afraid of everything. It's possible that they near you to take a peace of bread or something similar but they do not trust the persons.

Very often you can see the pigeons without one "foot" or one or some fingers. I don't know if it's the all-the-world problem for these birds or only in this part of it. But it's very frequent mutilation. I've seen this pigeon on the balcony of the Nautic Museum in Naples.

The bird was sitting calm when I went out to see the other beautiful view. It was strange because I was dangerously near it. Than, curious to see this behaviour I neared it from the other side -it continue to sit.With my photo camera and sounds it produces, I was not very familiar being but the pigeon did not move.

I left it sit there. Now, I think, the pigeon was probably ill.

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